What is the status of my case?
You may check the On-Line Judicial System at the OJS link below. Enter the site and choose the best description of you from the drop down menu. When the system opens, click on the second tab at the top for Criminal Case Search. You can search by entering the case number that either starts with a D or has a CR in the middle of it (police report case numbers will not work) into the Case ID section. You may also search by name in the appropriate fields. To access OJS, clickhere...

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1. What is the status of my case?
2. How do I get a Temporary Restraining Order?
3. How long with the process take?
4. The Judge ordered restitution, how do I get my money?
5. What if I want a case dismissed?
6. When does the District Attorney’s Office get involved in my case?
7. Do I have to come to court?
8. How do I get there if I don’t have a way?